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Mindful During Corona?!

By Shruthi Chandran, Oct 29, 2020
Cinque Terre

"It is better to hold your breath and wait a few counts until you breath in again, everytime somebody passes by you talking or laughing!", so this is the message I got from somewhere inside of me sometime after the pandemic started. I found this particular message a little strange, as to on what basis was I saying this to myself if infact it was'I'saying it to myself. Because as far as i know I havent read it, heard or watched about it anywhere! I primarily relied on these sources/senses of information and I knew they had'nt witnessed it consciously anyways. So going back to the important question, who's behind this message? I ask myself. This is where my gut comes into action and to be brutally honest I believe my gut is evolving! From an early age, I remember having many instances when my gut acted as a decider every time I was in any dilemma or when my gut gave me certain vibes without me actively requiring of it.. and I thought that was the extend of my gut power. And grateful me, believed to have great instincts! But now I cant help but believe my gut power is beyond that! Although I am aware of how strange it may sound, I want to share it, because I am certain there are many of you who's had and will continue to have similar experiences! And for a while now I had been feeling that I must make some record/blog about these strange gut feelings and maybe even address it to be from Unscientifically_gut, after all it is unscientific and from the gut. So while pondering over all this, I came across a Covid-19 Documentary recently, showing how dangerous the air around us is, filled with particles emitted from us while speaking, singing, laughing or simply breathing out with open mouth. And thats it, I needed nothing else to push me to write about it.(p.s; i have shared below the link to the Corona special by DW on youtube). Along with being surprised to learn this, I was thankful to my gut & glad with myself because I was'nt quick to judge or overlook this feeling. If I had done that, besides losing this wonderful piece of information, it would mean that I rely on information from the outside world, but doubt/discard every unscientific feeling/experience from the inside of me. And that's the moral I'd like to take away from this story. Because many experiences like this has taught me that it can be informative when one focuses on feelings and even though not every feeling may seem rational, it maybe worth paying some amount of attention to it while enquiring the reason behind the feeling. When I came across this particular gut feeling, I started being more mindful to obeserve and question it simultaneously which helped me make sense of it in a brief period of time. So hopefully the information from the link below and the moral of this jist could connect with atleast some of you and encourage all to be more mindful and pay attention sometimes to even our simple actions like breathing. So remember to hold your breath and wait a few counts until you breath in again, everytime somebody passes by you talking, laughing or just jogging with their mouth open. Good day & Cheers!

Link to the covid-19 Special : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYzzkKtMxz0

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